Lecture 4: Coursework Assignment Topics

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The written assignment for APL involves choosing a programming-language topic from a short list, researching the feature or language described, trying it out yourself, and then writing a short report about this. In Thursday’s lecture I gave a short description for each of the topics on the list and outlined the process for completing the assignment.

The topics are as follows.

  • Parallel performance portability with Lift

  • Dynamic information flow policies in Jeeves

  • Programming quantum computation with Quipper

  • Query expressions for language-integrated database access in F#

  • Probabilistic programming for statistical inference in Stan

Full instructions are available in the coursework page on this web site.

If you have questions about any aspect of the coursework then please do ask me, either at a lecture, by email, or on the APL Piazza group.

Links: Slides from Lecture 4; Recording of Lecture 4; Assignment details


Before the next lecture, on Friday, find an online tutorial for each of the assignment topics. Send me by email (Ian.Stark@ed.ac.uk) your five links and I will summarize them for the class.


Not this time, that’s the point of the exercise. You have to go out and find them yourself.

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