Assignment Topic Links

I’ve collated the tremendous set of links sent in covering the assigned coursework topics. Thank you all, especially those who sent in multiple suggestions for each one. Many of these were new to me and these cover a great range of different types of material.

In most cases I have managed to find links to web pages rather than raw PDF or other files. This should help in constructing robust bibliographic entries for ones you wish to include in your report.

Where papers may be behind publisher paywalls I have used links through the university library proxy service. You may need to login with an EASE account for those.

I have checked each link today, but inevitably some will decay over time. This is not a long-term bibliography, just a collection of pointers that may be helpful right now.

Parallel Performance Portability with Lift

Dynamic Information Flow Policies in Jeeves

Programming Quantum Computation with Quipper

Query Expressions for Language-Integrated Database Access in F#

Probabilistic Programming for Statistical Inference in Stan

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