To participate in this course it’s essential that you read the blog and any email sent to your university account. In addition there are several ways you can follow blog posts, ask questions, and contribute to online discussion. The ones below are already set up: please let me know if there is some other forum you would like to see included.

Facebook · Twitter · Email · Piazza

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To see updates from the blog on Facebook, join the APL 2018 group.

Data privacy: I believe Facebook holds information about the APL 2018 group on servers in Ireland, under EU data protection regulations. I’m administrator of the group and can see who is a member and what they post there.

Link: Facebook UK data privacy policy

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To get updates from the blog on Twitter, follow @apl1819.

Data privacy: Twitter do claim their privacy policy is now GDPR-compliant, although I believe data is held outside the EU.


The course mailing list is You can use this to send mail round all APL students. Access is restricted, so you will need to send from your university address s…

This list will be used for announcements about the course, so please make sure you read mail sent to your university email address.

Links: List membership; Mailing list archive

Logo for Piazza online service


There is a Piazza discussion group for APL. If you have already used Piazza for other courses then you should be able to subscribe right away: otherwise you will need to create a new account.

Link: Piazza group APL

Data Privacy: You need to know two things about the Piazza company and its use of your personal data.

  • Piazza is in the United States. All their information about you, what things you read and what you post, are held in the US and are not subject to UK or EU data protection regulations. My impression is that Piazza do generally work in line with those regulations, but they are not required to do so. In particular, if the Piazza services is sold to another company then your personal data will be part of that sale.

    Link: Piazza privacy policy

  • Piazza is funded by the money it gets from companies who employ graduates and wish to target students for recruitment. You’ll see this when “Piazza Careers” suggests companies where you might apply for work. What’s less obvious is that Piazza will also send companies information about students or groups of students. Read their “playbook” for examples of how this works:

    You can control access to this by selecting the padlock icon on the top right of your Piazza profile.

    With Piazza, every student you hire has a high probability of having a Piazza account. And we have rich information on our students – which classes they’ve taken, which classes they’ve TA’d, and which classes they’ve received professor endorsements in. We’re able to provide you with a list of academic traits for any of your past interns or recent grads.

    Say Shelby was that star intern; just pop her name into the Find Students Similar To feature and see a list of her traits – she’s a top student in Machine Learning, a TA to an algorithms class, a college-level varsity athlete, coding since the age of 13, and a top student in at least 5 classes. Now I run a search by selecting the traits that I care most about, and within seconds, I find hundreds more like her.

    Links: Piazza Recruiter Playbook; Edit your Piazza profile