IDEAL Feedback

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All homes received an Android tablet on which to view feedback from the sensors installed in the home: 

​Control homes were given a version of the app with features equivalent to a standard smart meter, showing historical gas and electricity usage data:

Treatment homes received a wide range of additional features:- Temperature and humidity data for all rooms:

– Charts allowing data from multiple types of sensor to be viewed side-by-side:

​- The ability to compare data from different time periods:

​Charts feature explanations framed in natural language:

​Enhanced homes were fitted with additional sensors, allowing visualisation of data for individual appliances:

​The application of machine learning techniques to this data has allowed disaggregation of whole home electricity and gas data from the control and treatment homes:

​Enhanced and treatment homes participated in a study challenging users to turn down radiators in unused rooms over the heating season:

​All homes participated in a study evaluating responses to common energy saving tips:

​In addition, after the end of the main IDEAL study, all homes were given access to an energy tester feature, allowing them to measure and record the energy used by any activities of their choice: